30 June 2008

Climax Radio Show Episode 7 Part 2

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Finally, the long overdue second part of Episode 7! In this show, we give a quick recap of the mission of "Climax Radio Show", to bring YOU what YOU want to hear, and EXPOSE YOU TO NEW MUSIC! Every 7th show RadioFreeG and Mr. Magnum will go over the recent history and tell you how the show has grown, how the show has changed, and where the show will be going in the future based on your feedback! You can get in touch with the show by email, voice, and fax - Download the show now and find out how!

Show lineup:


Always a happy ending - Compliments, of Climax Radio.

12 June 2008

Climax Radio Show Episode 7 Part 1

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a big hand for the LONG overdue next show in the Climax Radio Show legacy, (AND don't forget to SUBSCRIBE IN iTUNES by clicking the link in the sidebar):

Climax Radio Show Episode 7 Part 1

It has been far too long for us, and this show has been ready to post since early April of 2008. In the 8 weeks or so since Mr. Magnum made the mix-down magic happen:

We ran into server problems ("Screw you!" to both our ISP and host),
RadioFreeG got married (Hells Yeah!),
And one of the Climax Radio Show branch offices up and moved across to the other side of town!

So, now all of this is behind us, and we have a super fantastic show for you featuring the following tracks, with emphasis on past members of Canadian rock Band “BIG SUGAR”!:

Bugs Bunny – “Rabbit of Seville


Gordie Johnson – “Three Legged Race

Air Supply – Making Love Out of Nothing at All”

WARNING: do not engage in repeated listenings of Air Supply music!
Listen to the show for the "Gayness Index" to find out why!

Gary Lowe – “Movin’ Up”

Mr. Chill – “Kelly Hop”


To the best Listenership in the world – Thank You for making us part of the musical tapestry of your life. Make your voice heard by calling TOLL FREE ACROSS NORTH AMERICA 1-888-494-2263 to make a request and drop a line to the only radio show that REALLY respects your musical opinion and is not a slave to "THE FORMAT"!

Always a happy ending - Compliments, of Climax Radio.

02 March 2008

Climax Radio Show Episode 6 Part 2

Boys and Girls, download the latest Episode of Climax Radio Show by clicking the link below:

In this show, we feature another hot track from rising indie musician Matt Empacher. We gave the big introduction to this artist in Part 1, so make sure you scroll down and get Episode 6 Part 1 as well!

We also have another Bugs Bunny clip, and we DARE you not to piss yourself listening to this highly infectious, outrageous, and somewhat racist audio gem. (Then click on the link below to see the cartoon on youtube. Have clean underwear - You have been warned.)

Another mash-up from presented by Magnum, classic covers, and a discussion on Che Guevara! We take our own "motorcycle ride of discovery" with a tangent discussing Che, Fidel, how they met, revolutions, good health, the plight of the working man, footnotes in world history, current movies about and all points in between. This is the freedom of Climax Radio, a freedom you can't get anywhere else. We play what YOU want, discuss what YOU want discussed, and give YOU the forum to tell others about YOUR favorite music and ideas! Call TOLL FREE 1-888-494-2263 to make your request and leave a comment about anything in the show!

We double-dog-dare you to find another other radio show like this anywhere on the planet Earth!

Featured Audio:

Always a Happy Ending - Compliments, of Climax Radio.

17 February 2008

Climax Radio Show Episode 6 Part 1

Hellooooooooooo Listenership!

It has been a little bit since our last show, and we have gone through some changes. With the holi-daze behind us, Climax Radio Show is pushing into the new year with a brand new indie artist we are breaking on Climax Radio. His name is MATT EMPACHER, and after paying his musical dues for 10 years he is ready to take the next step. REMEMBER, you heard him here first! [Click on the song title below to be taken directly to his myspace page.]

During taping we had SO MUCH MATERIAL we had to stuggle to keep the show to 75 minutes! SO, that means part 1 is full out music and talk - no promos, no liners, and no wasted space. Just good music and great insights as we introduce MATT EMPACHER, bring forth a new mash-up, and travel too the land of Bugs Bunny!

That's right - BUGS BUNNY!

You never know what we will play, becuase we never know what you will request!

Get the show by clicking below:

Works Featured:

Be on the look out for Episode 6 - Pt. 2, which will be posted shortly!

Always a happy ending; compliments, of Climax Radio.

[ERRORS: Sorry, the piece we played in the show called "Rabbit of Seville" is really called "What's Opera, Doc?". The link above takes you to the right youtube page. I got silly rediscovering all these great cartoons, and mentioned the wrong one in the show. Climax Radio Show regrets the error. We'll play the Correct Audio for "Rabbit of Seville" in an upcoming show.]

18 December 2007

Show 6 Parts 1 & 2 are on the way!

Also, as the show is in post-production now, take a look below and follow the links to songs and audio we will discuss in parts 1 & 2 of Climax Radio Show 6, which will be available for download soon. Why wait, SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE and get the new shows instantly and automatically downloaded to your computer! Enjoy the links below, and we'll be posting the new show very soon.

Only SOME of what we will play and discuss in Climax Radio Show 6:

Always a Happy Ending, compliments, of Climax Radio.

02 December 2007

Climax Radio Show Special Presentation

Here's a special little video (yes, you read VIDEO) put together by RadioFreeG for Climax Radio Show.



21 November 2007

Episode 5 - Part 2 is READY!

Hello to everyone in the greatest, most stylish, and sexiest Listenership of any podcast, TV, or radio program! 'Episode 5 - Part 2' is now available for download by clicking on the link below:

In this show Mr. Magnum breaks out what may be the BEST MASHUP EVER; "No Fun No Funk", along with a U2 rarity and song from GENESIS that will never be played on the radio, anywhere in the world, for the rest of time. NOT because it is a bad song, it is actually a pretty good song, but the story behind it is... well, you'll have to listen to find out!

We do a quick recap of why the show is now in 2 parts, plug the Feedback line 1-888-494-2263, and then head straight into the FINEST music and talk on the Internet!

Song list:

Always a happy ending; compliments, of Climax Radio.

12 November 2007

Episode 5 - Part 1

Hello to all, and welcome to "PART 1" of Episode 5 of Climax Radio! Due to Listener feedback, we have decided to break the show into 2, (75 minutes each), parts and post them separately. Each part will feature 5 songs, so with both parts you still get all 10 tunes and our commentary. This is to offer you more choices as to how you listen to the show.

Download the show right here: (or make it SUPER EASY and subscribe on iTunes, just hit the iTunes logo in the sidebar for automatic podcast subscription!)

Spend 25 cents and burn it to a CD as an audio file. This lets you play it in your car and at work. If you choose to listen to us on your mp3 player, the file is smaller and lets you quickly jump to where you left off for the commute home. In short, WE are giving you choices, putting the POWER in your hands as to how YOU CHOOSE to listen. The big music companies take away your freedom - ClimaxRadioShow.com wants you to take it back!

On this show, we have feature some unreleased tracks, more great mash-ups, and movie soundtrack songs! All of this you WILL NOT hear on the radio since it doesn't fit the corporate format, or the weasel suits won't touch it for fear of being sued! For items like this we will put up links to the artists' websites. Check them out and get to know the PEOPLE that MAKE the music you are BUYING with your hard earned, not the COMPANY that is SELLING it to you!

Artists & Songs Featured:

Be on the lookout for Episode 5 - PART 2, it is in post-production as we speak and will be posted soon!

Always a happy ending, compliments, of Climax Radio.

04 November 2007

CD Review: Foo Fighters - Echoes Silence Patience & Grace

For today's cd review I decided to write about the latest from the Foo Fighters.

I though I would never write a positive review of the Foo Fighters, but looks like I stand corrected.

I have listened to past Foo Fighters albums and I always thought they were nothing great. I admit it, I downloaded previous copies of older albums to sample and I just wasn't happy with them. I guess they had a track or two that were okay, but I swear I didn't keep the download. I deleted the download after a few tries of listening and I just couldn't get into them.

So lets fast forward to the present. The Foo Fighters have released another album called Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace. Hmmm, okay, I told myself to give the boys another chance. And the only reason I listened to the cd was because Kevin from The Fitcast podcast had recommended cd on his show.

So are ready for my thoughts? Another great cd has entered my collection! This one is in regular rotation on my ipod playlist. And what a relief it is that a NEWLY released cd has something I listening to regularly. And this is important because sometime I get the feeling that new music is just not good enough as it once was. But let's get back to the cd.

So I can say that I listened to the cd right through, no fast forwards or skip thrus. I enjoyed listening to every track on the disc. Here's a few of my personal favorites:

  • Let It Die
  • Stranger Things Have Happened
  • Summer's End
  • The Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners

The cd is a mostly a hard rock'in disc with two notable ballads; Summer's End & The Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners, both 5 star tracks.

In conclusion, a GREAT cd from beginning to end. Pick up your copy of Echos Silence Patience & Grace today from  your local music outlet or Amazon.

We believe everyone likes some new music once in a while. Terrestrial and satellite radio are too format-driven. We believe people flip stations all the time to suit different moods. We also believe people actually enjoy lots of different music. This show is where you can find some old classics, hidden gems, and music you will not otherwise hear played on mainstream radio. Sometimes, you just need something new to get you off. You can find that something new right here on CLIMAX RADIO. Enjoy!